imagesCAKXWV07Chairman of the Paris Bar, Paul-Albert Iweins announced that the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) would make possible to judge the Heads of State and Government who are still in power and accused of committing crimes against humanity, which means a great step forward.

"This court has a subsidiary role. In other words, it's for the state first to prosecute its own citizens who commit war crimes or genocide, if the state fail in that it's to the Court to intervene. At this point, if the accused person moves abroad, it might actually be arrested", he explained. "If the citizens of a country not a member of the ICC move to another country that recognizes the effects of the agreement, they can be arrested and prosecuted by the ICC".

Iweins deplored the decision of the United States to withdraw from the ICC. "I do not understand this decision because the United States have always contributed, throughout the world, to the development of freedom and human rights", he added.

However, Iweins said that the U.S. decision did not prohibit the operation of international justice. "It will operate starting the next July, after that 60 countries have already ratified the agreement", he added.

Iweins explained that the American withdrawal from the ICC gives the impression that Washington has the intention to commit war crimes or crimes against humanity, and identifies itself as a suspect, "This is not a serious possibility", he says.