It is a big mistake to believe that Iraq is a country burdened by sanctions imposed for years ...

On the banks of Tigris and the Euphrates is always a flood of wealth, but not for the benefit of Iraqis ... Despite the suffering of Iraqi people by the shortage of medicines and food, the UN sees the Iraq with an eye, as it considers this country, for over 12 years, as "goose that lays the golden eggs".scandale_4

Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot, two french journalists specialized in the affairs of the Middle East, have clarified this in a book published in January 2003 and entittled "The Iraq of Saddam, total portrait". This work is an attempt to highlight what they describe as "waste" of Iraq's wealth under the cover of the famous program "oil against food", suspended by the United Nations a few days before the imminent American war against Baghdad ...This war, which will open a new page of the suffering of iraqi people.

The UN milks the "iraqi fat cow" through the program, which, according to observers, is the biggest trick of The History made by the United Nations with the support of United States. Iraq carries out the records in all areas, with 1.25 million Iraqis died because of sanctions imposed on them. The United Nations sees "strangely" that Iraq is a country of "selection", the only country in the world to follow a humanitarian aids program on its own accounts...Iraq pays and the UN recieves.

In their book, Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot wonder "Where can we recruit a carpenter for 11 thousands euros per month?...Where can anyone change his car every three years, even if it is in good shape?...And in what Eldorado, sniffer dogs are better fed than the people? This paradise is naturally Iraq and the employer is the United Nations that don't pay "from its own pocket his own staff in Iraq". "Oil against food" is unique in the history of the International Organization...No country has funded the aid it receives...A representative of the UN headquarters in Baghdad was bave enough to denounce this anomaly. This international diplomat is not the only one in the corridors of the United Nations who criticizied the "oil against food"...Several have overcome shyness hanging over them for 12 years.

The most flagrant question raised by United Nations officials about "the iraqi chicken" is: "Where are the funds of the United Nations for Kurdistan?". A European diplomat in the UN said: "The reserves of Iraq are wasted...It's a shame". When asked if he intends to raise this issue in his government, the answer was affirmative, "But the advice is to remain silent," he added. The indisposition is deep, it's enough to listen to the criticism from some diplomats and disgreasful statements of NGO staff, if not the statments of the embarrassed officials of the UN themselves.

The word "aberrant" is present on many lips, but the cake is "succulent" that few dare to put their feet in the dish. The two journalists do not spare the Saddam's regime from the destruction that has hit Iraq, but stressed the paradox between stated objectives and achievements of the "oil against food". They describe as "humanitarian prosthesis" applied in accordance with the resolution 986 of the Security Council and approved by Iraq in 1996 after a year of negotiations.Scandale

According to this program, the recipe for Iraqi oil doesn't go to the Iraqi government: No funds will transit on its territory or in its hands. In accordance to the distribution of funds directly transferred to a sequestered account opened by the UN at the Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) in New York, 71% are spent to buy, on the international market, humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people, 25% are pumped to the allowances of the second Gulf War, 2,2% at the expense of UN, the disarmament 0,8% and 1% of bank charges. 3% of Iraqi oil revenue are intended to the United Nations. However, Iraq has exported, since 1996, crude oil for 56 billion U.S. dollars (USD), which means a bonanza paid by the regime of Saddam Hussein to the United Nations on the order of 1,7 billion dollars USD. At first glance, the number  seems harmless but the sum, enormous, made Iraq a leading funder of the UN.

By cons, Iraq has lost its voting rights within the international organization "as strangely unable to pay its quota to the United Nations budget" ... a quota estimated in 2003 to nearly 2,11 millions USD! This is the first time a UN mission that heavy be financed outside the budget of the international organization and without recourse to the assistance of States membres. This lack of budgetary constraint has greatly helped the inertia system. For the United Nations, Iraq is the "fat cow". Thanks to these levies, UN agencies operating in Iraq have seen their budgets increase tenfold and humanitarian door 200 in 1998 to 1000 today.

In this context, a head of a UN agency in Iraq said they did not know what to do with the funds that his agency had. He described as "immoral" what the United Nations do in Iraq. "I have deleted posts of couriers who were receiving $600 USD per month just to pass faxes in offices separated by 20 metres", he said. "They earn a hundred times the salary of a university professor in Iraq". The two journalists stressed that the humanitarian program, aimed at meeting the needs of an exhausted people, is unhealthy from the United Nations that uses it in a fraudulent management of the UN frieze indecency...The United Nations has implemented a program of demining Kurdish regions, certainly the most expensive in the world. scandale_2

To feed 28 sniffer dogs brought up from July 1999 to June 2000, some eleven tons of meat were transported to the kurdish regions. Each quadruped also had the right to a trainer, a pick-up and two guides. The bill has figure 33 thousands dollars in 11 months, or 1248 dollars for each dog, ten times the sum received by an Iraqi for food and medical assistance through humanitarian aid. The Iraqi Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riyadh al-Qaissy, said, in June 28th 2001, this anecdote to the ambassadors of the 190 UN members, a general malaise has taken hold of assistance.

Behind the scenes of the United Nations, several diplomats, including the representative of France, have found remarkable the speech al-Qaisy, which lasted two hours, because it reveals the bad conscience of the United Nations that legitimize the Iraqi resources of black gold. This comes at a time when the world holds its breath with the war launched against Iraq, led by the USA, which, according to some observers, want to seize the riches of this "poor" country of Iraq.