In the light of accusations levelled at U.S. President George W. Bush, to falsify the 2000 presidential, specially in the State of Florida, where his brother is governor, there was a need to know what the voters of that State think policies of Bush and the electoral programme of John Kerry.
First, we have to know that despite the message from the leader of the movement "al Qaeda", Osama bin Laden, sent to Americans, calling Washington to change its foreign policy so the American people can live in peace, "Security", according to many Americans, is not at the top priorities. The social insurance, education and taxes are a priority now, especially after the increase, unprecedented, of oil prices, adding to the suffering of Americans.

In this context, Stuart Benjamin, a lawyer in Florida, says that Bush was extremely poor and ineffective on domestic issues. The policies of his administration throughout its mandate led to the deterioration of education system in the USA. The decisions about reducing taxes were for the benefit of richs on the expenses of poors.Florida

According to Stuart, when Bush became president, the budget of the USA was balanced, "But now this budget shows a large deficit because of his artificial wars in Afghanistan and Iraq," he said. "On the other hand, its tax policies have increased the rate of unemployment". And Stuart added that these policies have also led to higher gasoline prices. Stuart was also critical of Bush's policy limiting scientific research. "This policy is due to its religious beliefs," he resumed.

On the outside, Stuart believes the USA have lost respect for the world because of external policies of Bush. "He has focused his agenda on a single factor: The fight against terrorism, so that Americans keep feeling threatened, and therefore, turn their eyes away from what's happening at home". Stuart said that the external policies of Bush, including the war against Iraq, had for goal to achieve the interests of his rich friends rich as Dick Cheney and his allies: oil and weapons companies. Stuart sees that Bush did nothing to revive the peace process in the Middle East. According to him, the Bush administration has committed a serious error in failing to bring Egypt in the centre of American interests, bearing in mind the role of Egypt in the Middle East.
About Africa, Stuart finds that Bush has turned his back on this continent. "He has allowed the death of millions of Africans with AIDS and hunger", he added. About the relations of USA with its allies, Stuart said that Bush has insulted France and Germany, two major Powers. "he also creates a sort of cold war with Russia, pushing Moscow to try to join the European Union", he said.

Stuart sees that Kerry's electoral program includes several positive points. "kerry is intending to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq", he said. "His medical insurance program impresses me, it covers the entire American people". Stuart adds that the program of taxes that Kerry sugests will help the development of small business companies. According to Stuart, Kerry will be a more moderate about the peace process in the Middle East.

For Lucy Fernandes, a doctor, everything has "worsened" since Bush won the 2000 presidentials. "Bush does not recognize his errors or problems he faces, that is why he can not reach a diagnosis on the reasons of problems," she said. Lucy sees that Bush policies have deprived more Americans health insurance. "Fewer people are covered by social insurance due to the deterioration of the quality of services provided", she added.florida_2

Even if Lucy support Bush in his war in Afghanistan, she refuses his war against Iraq. "He had to have the support of the UN," she confirmed. As for Kerry's program, Lucy sees that it help the Americans more than the doctors can do. She supports the Kerry's policies to impose more taxes on richs and give more cuts to the middle and poor classes. "On the international scene, Kerry will be more diplomatic with countries that contribute to common efforts", she said.

Meanwhile, John Oreks, businessman, believes that Bush had no right to invade Afghanistan as a sovereign country even if the aim was to "pursue Bin Laden." "As for Iraq, it was a serious fault in view of the attitude of world public opinion and the UN," he said. "It is also a sovereign country".

In this context, John finds that the Bush administration only wanted to achieve personal interests. "The rise in oil prices due to the influence of the American vice-presient, Dick Cheney, who promotes oil industry", he said. According to John, Saddam Hussein was not a direct or immediate threat neither for the USA nor for the world.

As the peace process in the Middle East, John believes that the current American administration has placed it at the end of priorities. "They have been satisfied by confirming the right of Israel to defend itself," he said. "Kerry will be more moderate in this view and will help the USA to be independent of Gulf's oil". At the domestic level, John sees that the Bush administration has not prioritized the health aspects. "Also, Bush policies have led to the worsening unemployment rate even among graduates", he said.

Judith Richard, businesswoman, said that a large number of Americans have lost their homes because of Bush policies that have increased taxes and interest on the poor and in the same time reductions in taxes were granted to the high class.

Judith sees that despite the need for war in Afhanistan after the attacks of September 11th 2001, the U.S. administration gave Bin Laden a time for him to abscond.

About Iraq, Judith says that the Americans supported the war because of the distorted informations published by the American media. "But in any case, Bush must have waited the approval of the UN", she said. And Judith added that after discovering the way in which contracts for exploration of oil and reconstruction of Iraq were circulated on U.S. companies without any competition, the majority of Americans think there was an agreement between the Bush administration and these companies before the war.

About Kerry, Judith said that he was clear in stating the need for the contribution of other countries in diplomatic efforts, but she criticized the ambiguity of the way in which Kerry would have treat domestic issues. "Bush is no better, he speaks of problems and not solutions", she added.

About the Middle East, Judith said that both candidates have agreed on the right of Israel to defend itself. "Bush tried to revive the peace process, but it was not his was the result of pressure from Arab countries", she said. Judith believes that the peace process in the Middle East has been removed from the agenda of the Bush administration although the USA is the first sponsor of the peace process.

On the far East, Judith sees that the USA should not be the goalkeeper in this region, and China has a strong presence, to observe the North Korea. "China will not be very tolerant with Pyong Yang, even though she currently supports North Korea", she said.

But that does not mean that all the Florida people believe that Bush has failed in its policies. Fred Stuart, sees that Bush's performance was good, even if it was not excellent. He believes that Bush is better for Israel than kerry, whom he's describes as "anti-Semitic."

florida_3Diedre Malcolm, she supports Bush on the basis of the September 11 attacks and the danger that threatened U.S. national security. "The reaction of Bush saved the Americans from the disappointment and depression," she said. According to Diedre, Bush was right to wage war in Afghanistan. "Ben Laden poses a direct threat to the USA".

Concerning Iraq, Diedre see that Washington has done what the United Nations should do after it had granted a period of 12 months for Saddam Hussein to fulfil his commitments to the international organization.

For his part, even if he supports Bush, Lary Larson sees that he is no different from all politicians. "I do not believe the two candidates", he said.

It remains a point: Kerry supporters are characterized by their comprehension of what is happening on the ground domestically and externally. In this context, Judith says that when she receives an information by the american medias, she tries to find the same information of media from other countries so that they can approach the truth. But supporters of Bush don't capture other than informations disseminated by the American media machine, which proves their ignorance of several subjects such as the american relations with European Union, Russia and the Near East, or even why USA refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty. Lucy said that the American media do not offer the opportunity for the American people to learn what has happened abroad.

For this, the world must wait until next Tuesday to find out the person who will be chosen by the American people at the top of the universal force... Would he be Bush who has not kept his promises, or Kerry who has all the solutions but nobody knows how he will do?!.... Only the American people can answer this question.