Hassan_Shehatashawqi_GharibThe 23 Pharaohs of the CAN 2006 in the eyes of Chawqi Gharib, Assistant of the coach Hassan Shehata (Only 17 players participated at games at least once).


Essam el-Hadary: It is a lion who knows how to protect its lair.Abdel_Wahed

Abdel_MONSEFAbdel Wahed El-Sayed: Its presence and its level has forced el-Hadary to do its best not to lose its place as the holder.

Mohammed Abdel Monsef: He leads the competition by remaining mobilized.


Ibrahim Said: We bet on his competence and commitment and we won our bet. He was very good.Abdel_Zaher_el_Sakka

wael_gomaaAbdel Zaher El-Saqa: He is the perseverance itself.

Wael Gomaa: He is a tireless fighter ready to do anything to defend the cage of the Pharaohs.

Mohammad Abdel Wahab: He proved he did not deserve to remain so long on the bench in his club.Mohammad_Abdel_Wahab

Tarek_el_SayedTareq Al-Sayed: With him, the Pharaohs have settled the question of the left back position.

Ahmed el-Sayed: Ahmed_el_SayedA real rock that did not, unfortunately, have the chance to show it.


Mohammad_BarakatMohammad Barakat: He is our "joker" player that can occupy any position on the field with talent ... He is indispensable.

Ahmed Hassan: The brain of the team. Without him, the selection is lost on the ground.Ahmed_Hassan

Mohammad Abu Treka: Abou_TrekaA real artist. He is our playmaker.

Mohammad Shawqi: He is the balance of the team.Mohammad_Shawqi

hassan_MostaphaHassan Mostapha: He is the lungs of the Pharaos. He always offers solutions in difficult times.

Ahmed Fathi: After a painful period, he proved he was still at the height of the major tournaments.Ahmed_Fathi

Moetaz Eno: Moetaz_InoA seed of star, heir to a great midfielder.

Samir Sabri: its presence is a relief for the post of playmaker.samir_sabri


Hossam_HassanHossam Hassan: The Dean. He should not be considered as a simple player, he is a "legend."

Mido: A star who must mature and know his rights...and duties.mido

Emad Met'eab: Emad_Met_eabA striker of first class who has suffered a lot of pressure before the CAN.

Amr Zaki: A physical fitness similar to that of black African players.Amr_Zaki

Abdel Halim Ali: Abdel_Halim_AliA potential still untapped.

Ahmed Eid Abdel Malek: Ahmed_Eid_Abdel_MalekA real talent who has not had a chance in this tournament.

This article was written for the french magazine "Foot Africa"