The Almighty "al-Ahly" has officially won Monday the 2005/2006 edition of the egyptian football championship (D1) after beating his opponent "Ismaili" with the score of four unanswered goals in the 26th and last day of the championship.

The "Red Devils" have continued their incredible performance, finishing the 2nd consecutive season of championship without any defeat, thus raising the record to 56 matches without loss.al_Ahly

Invincible throughout the championship, al-Ahly has realized 23 victories and three draws, which means one victory less than the 2004/2005 season. The "Red Fortress" has the best attack in the championship (57 goals) and best defense (six goals against), while his playmaker Mohammad Abu Treka was the best scorer with 18 achievements.

Despite his defeat against the club of Port-Said "Masri" (0/1), "Zamalek" was 2nd in championship and thus qualified for the 2007 edition of the African Champions League with its rival "al-Ahly". Suffering from administrative problems, Zamalek was quickly out of the race, although the team has made great efforts to improve its performance during the 2nd part of the season.

Beating "Koroum" by two goals to one, Enppi, 2nd in the 2004/2005 edition, became 3rd and qualified for the African Confederation Cup (CAF). Despite its humiliating defeat at home in front of "al-Ahly," "Ismaili" retained the 4th place he has done in 2004/2005.

The two clubs belonging to the Egyptian Armed Forces in the championship "Haras al-Hodoud" and "Talae al-Gueich" occupied respectively the 5th and 6th places. "Haras al-Hodoud" broke his little brother while their match Monday with three goals to two.

For the first time in years, "Ittihad of Alexandria" has been playinf the last two matchs without being threatened of loosing his place in the D1. He lost his last match of the season against "Moqaouloun" (0/1) and keeps the 7th place.

After assured at the 25th day, its seat at the D1 for the next season, "Masri" provided a moral gift to its supporters during the 26th day by dominating "Zamalek" with a goal to zero to fill in the 8th place.

24 minutes before the end of the championship, Moqaouloun saved his presence in D1 by winning its match against "Ittihad of Alexandria" by the score of a goal to zero, holding the 9th place.

The "outsider" of the 2004/2005 season by occupying the 5th place during his first experience in D1, "Suez Cement" was unable to maintain his magnificent performance in 2005/2006 and the team waited until the last day of the season to ensure his place in D1 for next season. He finished the season by crushing "Aluminium" (5/1).

Saving its place in D1 for the next season since the 25th day, Ghazl Al-Mahala was satisfied with the 11th place and lost its match against "Assiut Cement" (1/2). Despite the victory which has propelled the 12nd place, "Assuit Cement" accompanied "Aluminuim" and "Koroum", 13th and 14th respectively, to the D2 leaving their seats to the famous "Tersana", "Olympic Alexandria" and "Tanta" which are returning to  D1 and newcomers "Petrojet" and "Assiut Petrolium".

                                  P       w      d      l      gf       ga       P
      al-Ahly                26      23      3      -     57       6     72
      Zamalek             26      18      4      4     48      22     58
      Enppi                 26       13      7      6     32     18     46
      Ismaili                26      12      3     11     33     32     39
      H. Hodoud          26      11      5     10     35     25     38
      T. Guish             26      10      4     12     28     31     34
      Ittihad                26       8      8     10     25     19     32
      Masri                  26       8      7     11     27     30     31
      Moqaouloun        26       8      4     14     26     34     28
      S.Cement           26       6     10     10     28     45     28
      G. Mahala          26       6       9     11     21     34     27
      As. Cement        26       6       8     12     26     36     26
      Aluminuim         26       6       7     13     16     36     25
      Koroum              26       5     16      5     22     41     20