Thus, "Hollywood" has projected that the next U.S. president would be "black". The scenarios of the most famous city in the film industry will become reality when the presidential candidate, Democratic Senator Barak Obama, will be invested first black president in the history of the country.

As if the producers of the "seventh art" had seen the future, a "fiction" in 2003 showed a black leads the country.34942361_p

What "Martin Luther King", the black American fighter for the freedom of human rights in the 60'S, asked regarding the need to erase the racist image of the United States against minorities, is largely achieved. While blacks are still looking after their rights, one of them is becoming "president of the United States"!

And Hollywood seems to have worked with this new reality through the film "Head of State", released in 2003. This fiction is based on the idea of a Black candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Despite the fact that predictions of Hollywood on the first black president of the United States date back to 2001 (with the first season of the american series "24"), "Head of State is the closest and most predictable of what happened during the presidential election last November.

In its first season, the series "24" spoke of the assassination attempt against a black candidate in American presidential elections, while the second and third season reviews American political life after that the candidate has taken power. At the end of the third season, this black president was assassinated a year after his arrival at the White House. In the 6th season, another black (the brother of assassinated president) takes over the White House. But as his brother, he is assassinated.

These killings, which were key events in the series, besides the assasination of Martin Luther King, were behind the fear of american citizens of Obama's assassination.

The film tells the story of Mays Gilliam, whose role was played by the American star Chris Rock. Gilliam is an alderman of the 9th Ward in the Washington D.C. area.

After being fired from his post and dumped by his girlfriend Kim, Gilliam is surprisingly chosen as the party candidate for the presidency. His party's original presidential and vice-presidential nominees to run against sitting vice-president Brian Lewis die in a plane crash.34942379_p

Assuming the election was already lost, the party decided to pick a likeable but losing minority candidate to improve their chances of another politician taking the office in the next presidential election.

At first, Mays feels he will not be able to succeed as President because he would be representing the entire African-American populace, and does not want to do anything to mess it up.

However, Mays begins to rise in the polls after he started to speak out for what he believes.

After Lewis runs a series of attack ads including one saying Mays supports Cancer, Mays begins to fight back using what he claimed was "kissing" his opponent.

In this strategy, Mays shows that various individuals such as a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) member endorse his opponent, or dubs a videotape of Osama bin Laden saying he hates America but loves Brian Lewis. This strategy allows Mays to gain more points in the election.

As the voting day draws closer, Mays eventually finds out the reason why he was chosen as the party candidate, and fires some disloyal campaign operatives. He debates his opponent in which he manages to win the crowd over by speaking truth of the American life. Mays ends up winning the election and the presidency.

The film is inspired by an important event in the history of American elections: When the Democrats were sure of the impossibility of winning the elections in 1984 against the Republican Ronald Reagan, the Democratic candidate "Walter Mondale" chosed a woman called "Geraldine Ferrero" for the post of Vice-President, which helped the Democrats to gain women's votes during the elections and contributed to the victory of Democratic candidate Bill Clinton in the 1992 elections.

Many similarities can be drawn between the film and the story of Obama during the elections. When Obama looked for being the nominee of the Democratic party for presidential elections, nobody imagined that he would win, specially with the presence of Hillary Clinton. But with the start of the race, Obama has surprised the world by his victory in New Hampshire.

Obama has followed his victories until he received the nomination of the party for elections. He became the favorite candidate for the race to the White House.

That prompted Republicans to attack him on the basis of its origins, political experience and his relationship with one of the priests who adopt extremist views.

Also, as in the film, Obama won the election by talking about the reality of the situation in American society and the wrong interior and foreign policies of USA.