07 décembre 2011

Will The Islamists affect the cultural life in Egypt if they come to power?

The results of the first phase of post-revolution elections in Egypt and the rise of the Islamist movements have alarmed the cultural community. The urgent question posed currently Egyptian intellectuals is that what will be the future of culture and art if the Islamists dominate political life in the country? For the actor Amr Waked, who plays a role of gangster in the film "Dam El-Ghazal" (the blood of the gazelle), the rise of Islamism is not a surprise, it is a natural result of the unconstitutional and distorted electoral... [Lire la suite]
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01 décembre 2011

The islamist youth redo their revolution

On the eve of first parliamentary elections in Egypt after the revolution, the Egyptian youth is determined to defend the democratic values for which they took to the streets there for ten months. Some chose politics, others are engaged in social action to build Egypt of tomorrow. "The future is us, the youth! We must not let the old generation take over", says Mohammed al-Qassas, thirties, while distributing his programm for the elections in a coffee shop in the district of Ain Shams in eastern Cairo. Mohamed decided to enter... [Lire la suite]
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