Influenced by French culture and literature, Taha Hussein, called the "Dean of Arabic Literature, began his career after obtaining a doctorate at the Sorbonne University in Paris in 1919 on the theme: "The social philosophy of Ibn Khaldun ". Work supervised by the great French philosopher and sociologist Emile Durkheim.

Taha Hussein have also heavily influenced back French culture. To explain that we just have to look at the number of his books translated into French : From about 25 of his works, eleven are available in French although he did not receive any prestigious literary prize. This confirms its leading position in the world of literature since the translation of works of contemporary Arab writers was low at the time.

Taha_HusseinTaha Hussein, born in 1889 and became blind at the age of three, has attracted the attention of the literary world when the publishing house "A. Pedone" published his thesis. Then the publishing house "Excelsior" published in 1934, the first volume of his autobiography "The Days", translated by Jean Lecerf, while "Gaymard" published the second volume, translated by Jean Lecerf and Gaston Weit with a preface by André Gide.

In 1949, Editions Denoël publish his novel "The Call of Karawan."

Egyptian publishing house Dar al-Maaref published the French version of the novel "Adib", translated by the children of the writer, Amina and Moenes, before Editions "Clancier-Guenaud" published another edition in 1988 with a preface by Cardinal Philippe.

But the impact of Taha Hussein on French culture does not stop at the translation of his novels or essays. Many French researchers have written about him, as Raymond Francis, who in 1963 published a study entitled "Taha Hussein, a novelist," and Bruno Ronfard who wrote in 1995 in "Witnesses of humanity" a study under the name "Taha Hussein: Cultures in Dialogue ".

The influence of Taha Hussein urged the French to try to discover his personal life even after his death in 1973. Editions du Cerf published in October 2011, the memories of his wife Suzanne, a French citizen, entitled "with you from France to Egypt, a great love story: Suzanne and Taha Hussein. "