30 avril 2009

Sarkozy in the eyes of Egyptians

Tawfik Aclimandos, 50 years old, is an Egyptian researcher at the Economic Legal and Social Documentation Center (CEDEJ). Speaking fluent French, he took his doctorate in 2004 at "Institut d'Etudes Politiques" in Paris. He talks about the vision of the Egyptians towards the french president, first head of state to come on holidays in Egypt, a country known to be conservative, with "his girlfriend" ...What do you think of Nicolas Sarkozy?Until January 2007, the beginning of the electoral campaign, I never thought... [Lire la suite]
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02 avril 2009

Gamal el-Banna: "Islam is calling for freedom in first"

In El-Banna family, we know rather Hassan, founder of the Islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in during the 30's of the 20th century. We know less well his younger brother, Gamal El-Banna and therefore great uncle Tariq Ramadan, who advocates still at the age of 89 years, a progressive vision of Islam. Meeting with an indefatigable man, who places freedom at the heart of each of its battles.Books by the thousands. In the entry, living room, office ... they line the walls of the small apartment of Gamal el Bana. We are... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2007

The journalists choose new representatives

Saturday November 17th, the Egyptian journalists will be invited to elect the new executive board of their union and its president. Meeting with Ragay El Mirghany, vice editor-in-chief of the Middle East News Agency (MENA) and candidate for the position of president of the union. In the current context of repeated attacks against journalists, do you believe that power will leave an independent candidate, like you, win the elections? Despite the pressures that may be relayed by the editors of media pro-government, the regime... [Lire la suite]
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25 septembre 2004

An expert in economics: The Egyptian economic reforms enhance foreign investment

"The economic reforms recently adopted by the Egyptian government were marked by a clear vision about what is necessary to improve economic performance and overcome obstacles that affected investments in the past few years", said Mark Johnson, an expert in economics at the Euromoney. Johnson said that the "bold" and "accelerated" steps taken by the Government to realize the reforms strengthen the position of Egypt as a driving force of development and reform in the Arab region. "Egypt has... [Lire la suite]
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18 septembre 2003

An official of Euromoney : Egypt has taken significant steps in economic reform

"The Egyptian government has committed during the 8th Arab Forum for funding to carry out the necessary measures to achieve economic reform", said Mark Johnson, an official of the institution Euromoney, organizer of the forum.Johnson precised that the forum has helped to examine the reality of economic situation in the Arab region and the need to pump more investments in this region.He added that the meeting reviewed the performance of the Arab economy in general and Egypt in particular, in addition to the challenges facing... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2002

The establishment of the ICC will allow the prosecution of heads of State and Government

Chairman of the Paris Bar, Paul-Albert Iweins announced that the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) would make possible to judge the Heads of State and Government who are still in power and accused of committing crimes against humanity, which means a great step forward. "This court has a subsidiary role. In other words, it's for the state first to prosecute its own citizens who commit war crimes or genocide, if the state fail in that it's to the Court to intervene. At this point, if the accused person... [Lire la suite]
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22 février 2002

The situation in Afghanistan has not changed despite the international support

"The situation in Afghanistan has not changed despite the international support to the interim government led by Hamed Karzai", said Julien Bousac, responsible for the Middle East programs in "Médecins du monde". Bousac indicates that the work of humanitarian organizations in Afghanistan still faces many difficulties even after the fall of Taliban's regime. "Security is not yet stable because of ethnic conflicts, particularly in eastern areas of the country", he says. Bousac criticized the... [Lire la suite]
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