17 avril 2011

Why Misrata?

Two months after the outbreak of the Libyan revolution, and fierce fighting is taking place between the Libyan revolutionaries and mercenaries of Qadhafi to control the area between "Ajdabiya" and "Ras Lanuf" in the east, a question arises: Why the insurgents are trying to defend the city of Misrata, in west of the country, while the Qadhafi regime is racing against time to recover the city. At the beginning of the Libyan revolution, Qafhafi tried to describe what is happening in the country as a conflict between eastern and western... [Lire la suite]
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08 avril 2011

Egypt in the heart of libyan revolution

Whenever an Egyptian meets the Libyan revolutionaries, they receive him with great joy in welcoming him. The Egyptian revolution encouraged, morally, the Libyan people to fight against their tyrant regime. Meanwhile, the Libyans also benefit from humanitarian aid offered by Egypt to the insurgents as well as opening borders for refugees from Libya, even those without identity cards, and opening Egyptian hospitals to Libyans injured. In this context, Sheikh Mohammed Boussedra said that Egypt had offered everything but arms to Libyan... [Lire la suite]
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06 avril 2011

Qadhafi gave a false impression about prosperity in Libya

Who hears about the volume of oil production in Libya and its population that barely touches six million inhabitants, and see the luxurious cars that drive the Libyans can imagine that the standard of living in this country is similar to the European countries or at least to the Gulf countries.However, the one who crosses the border post of Salloum towards Libya, will be shocked by the poverty along the way to Benghazi, the houses are rudimentary, resembling Bedouin shelters. The shops are extremely simple. There is only what you... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2011

The war in Libya: The Egyptians have other tanks to fry

Outraged by the bloody repression of Qadhaffi but traumatized by the memory of the war in Iraq, Egyptian public opinion is very divided. A shrug, a sigh. Mohammed Sallam sweeps astonished Parisians comments , with a touch of arrogance, seeing the rebels in the spring of Tahrir Square, Cairo, remain deaf to the plight of their brothers in Libya. "We feel sad for Libya" admits this young professor at American University in Cairo,"but we have in mind other concerns, other emergencies, a few weeks after gaining our freedom, just days... [Lire la suite]
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