01 décembre 2005

Ambitions of al-Ahly : become Real Madrid of African Football

The space of an evening, Saturday 12 November, the red became the color of Egypt. That night, for the fourth time in its history, al-Ahly won the African champions league. Faced by the red devils, the tunisians of "l'étoile du Sahel" have not resisted. The game ended by the score : three-zero. Immediately after the final whistle, thousands of fans rushed in the streets of Cairo. Waving red flags, they manifested till late in the night their love for this club of legend.For al-Ahly and its supporters, this event is to mark a... [Lire la suite]
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29 avril 2005

Al-Ahly won the championship in Egypt football without any loss

"Al-Ahly'' has officially won friday the football premier league (D1) championship in Egypt football after beating his opponent Ghazl Al-Mahala by scoring two goals to one. The "Red Devils", who won the title seven games before the end of the championship, finished the D1 without any defeat. During his itinerary invincible championship, al-Ahly won 24 games and two ties, carrying out several records whose victory in 17 successive games and recording 74 points during the championship. Al-Ahly, hungry for titles for four... [Lire la suite]
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04 janvier 2005

Egypt is getting close to Tigana

Jean Tigana will be the next coach of the Pharaos? In the midst of a research for a coach for the national team, the Football Egyptian federation (FEF) has come closer to the former coach of Monaco and Fulham. It would even be close to conclude an agreement with the former member of the "magic square" of the french national team, according to the Egyptian site "YallaKora. Thus, Tigana is expected in Cairo on Friday to observe the Egyptian national team during its first friendly match of the year, against... [Lire la suite]
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04 janvier 2005

AFRICA: Tunisia, leader despite all

CROWN. Sacred continental champions at home early this year, the Eagles of Carthage have offered two distinct faces in 2004. Upon arrival, they had very little ahead of Morocco, who are  more regular...It only lasted a month, but at the time to distinguish the forty countries that took part in international matches in 2004, the finals of the African Cup of Nations takes, obviously  all its importance. Real Himalaya of 2004, a year divided on two (the second half was devoted to the combined playoffs World Cup-Africa Cup 2006)... [Lire la suite]
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16 juin 2002

Brazil-Germany: The long awaited clash

To see Brazil and Germany win matches in World Cup is not a surprise. But the Mannschaft compete the Selecao in a World Cup, that's what assimilates more of fiction.Pele against Franz Beckenbauer, Scorâtes faces Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Romario verses Luther Matthaus. This was never heard of. Such a match became a kind of "impossible" game in the history of the World Cup, and certainly a curiosity for international football.Both selections have played more games in World Cups than any other team (83 for Brazil and 82 for... [Lire la suite]
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01 juin 2002

Senegal's victory in the eyes of the French in Cairo

Sadness and surprise dominated the faces of the French residents in Cairo following the unexpected defeat Friday of the French football team against Senegal (0/1) in the opening game of the 2002 World Cup.At the beginning of the ceremony organized by the French Center for Culture and Cooperation (CFCC) for the match, all the french fans were preparing themselves to celebrate, until the 30th minute, the first victory of the "bleus", holders of the title, at the World Cup held in South Korea and Japan. However, when the... [Lire la suite]
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