25 septembre 2004

An expert in economics: The Egyptian economic reforms enhance foreign investment

"The economic reforms recently adopted by the Egyptian government were marked by a clear vision about what is necessary to improve economic performance and overcome obstacles that affected investments in the past few years", said Mark Johnson, an expert in economics at the Euromoney. Johnson said that the "bold" and "accelerated" steps taken by the Government to realize the reforms strengthen the position of Egypt as a driving force of development and reform in the Arab region. "Egypt has... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2004

The private tourism sector: A plan is needed before the construction of new hotels in Egypt

The ninth Arab financing forum organized by Euromoney affirmed the importance of having a plan before building more hotels in Egypt. During the meeting "Investment in tourism", Mohammad al-Chabrawy, CEO of American Express Travel Services, stressed that the current pace of construction of hotels in Egypt could double the number of rooms in five years, which can lead to a low occupancy rate in hotels if the number of tourists remained stable. A vision shared by the regional director of "Abercrombie & Kent... [Lire la suite]
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15 septembre 2004

The Euromoney discuss the new orientations of Egyptian banks

Influenced by the crisis of non-repaid loans fOR Egyptian banks, participants in the 9th Arab financing forum organized by Euromoney Institution discussed the developments in the Egyptian banking system. At the session held under the theme "The Egyptian banks: The new guidelines", Mahmoud Sayed Abdel Latif, CEO of "Egyptian American Bank and Bank of Alexandria", said that in the past, public banks had controlled between 70 and 80% of loans and savings in Egypt. "But their current quota does not exceed... [Lire la suite]
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14 septembre 2004

The Euromoney examines the problems of real estate financing in Egypt

The participants in the 9th Arab funding forum, organized by Euromoney Institution, discussed the problems of the real estate market in Egypt. They first claimed that this market needs to be stimulated to increase the value of investissements. Hussein Sabour, CEO of the Company "al-Ahly for Real Estate Development", stressed the importance of the Egyptian real estate market's volume. "This market is characterized by strong demand and the diversity of categories of buyers. For this, we need to encourage... [Lire la suite]
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