08 juin 2011

Tangi Salaün: Before January 25, I wondered by what miracle the Egyptians had not yet exploded

Tangi Salaün is a French journalist. He is the correspondant of the french newspapers and magazines "Le Figaro" and "L'Express" and the French radio "RTL".How do you see the Egyptian Revolution? What are your comments?First of all, I have never expected this revolution to happen after having covered dozens of events that never gathered more than a few hundred people....Yet in my reports for over years i talkek about the degradation of living conditions for the majority of the population (rising prices, youth unemployment,... [Lire la suite]
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04 juin 2011

Marion Touboul: Cultural life in Egypt became more free after the Revolution

Marion Touboul (www.unjourici.canalblog.com) is a French journalist. She is the correspondant of several French media such as "Arte", "Europe 1", "La vie" and "Marianne", in addition to the german Radio "Deutsche Welle" and "Radio Vatican".You live in Egypt for over 3 years...What is the difference between Egypt before January 25th and Egypt after the revolution? The main difference that i can feel is when I work. Before, most of the people were afraid to talk, especially in front of the camera. they were afraid of the reactions in... [Lire la suite]
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