27 mai 2002

The establishment of the ICC will allow the prosecution of heads of State and Government

Chairman of the Paris Bar, Paul-Albert Iweins announced that the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) would make possible to judge the Heads of State and Government who are still in power and accused of committing crimes against humanity, which means a great step forward. "This court has a subsidiary role. In other words, it's for the state first to prosecute its own citizens who commit war crimes or genocide, if the state fail in that it's to the Court to intervene. At this point, if the accused person... [Lire la suite]
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03 mai 2002

The French in Egypt do not want to relive a electoral September 11th

Sunday April 22, before midnight, an earthquake struck France ... An earthquake that has not demolished the houses, or cause loss of human life, but has undermined the political and democratic life in the country: The leader of the far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen is qualified for the second round of the presidential ... A kind og electoral September 11th.The French are living a nightmare that will work them until Sunday, May 5 ... Decision's Day... Will they block the way to the far-right or they will continue their electoral... [Lire la suite]
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