libya1Two months after the outbreak of the Libyan revolution, and fierce fighting is taking place between the Libyan revolutionaries and mercenaries of Qadhafi to control the area between "Ajdabiya" and "Ras Lanuf" in the east, a question arises: Why the insurgents are trying to defend the city of Misrata, in west of the country, while the Qadhafi regime is racing against time to recover the city.Free_Libya

At the beginning of the Libyan revolution, Qafhafi tried to describe what is happening in the country as a conflict between eastern and western Libya. But Misrata announced joining the Transitional National Council (NTC), which represents the insurgents, to be the first city in Western part of Libya that opposes the regime. It costed to Qadhafi his argument, and at the same time, the rebellion of Misrata encouraged other western cities, such as al-Zaweya and al-Zentan to do the same.

imagesOn the other hand, Misrata has strategic importance. It is located at the west end of the Gulf of Sirte, while Benghazi, the stronghold of the rebels, controls the east end of the Gulf. In case where the rebels take Misrata, the city of Sirte, where the majority of Qafhafi forces are based, would be threatened from both sides, which would accelerate the fall of the city and, therefore, would open the door to Tripoli for Libyan revolutionaries. Meanwhile, insurgents will have an available safe sea supply to the two ends of the Gulf.

According to this idea, controlling the cities of Ajdabiya, Brega and Ras Lanuf is vital in the evolution of the conflict. Whoever fills this region will have control of the largest Libyan oil fields and secure the delivery of fuel supplies.

In addition, this region is the first line of defense against Benghazi if Qadhafi decides to attack the city again.